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The Watch (2021)

. 2442 words; about 13 minutes.
Category: TV.

The Watch was commissioned by BBC America and is a live-action TV series about The Watch in Terry Pratchett's Discworld. American media companies are infamous for licensing cult British media, missing the point, and churning out the same extruded media product they do every other day. So have they unexpectedly done a good job for a change, or is Betteridge's Law holding firm?

Spitting Image 2020

. 1570 words; about 8 minutes.
Category: TV.

If you can, cast your mind back to your childhood in 1980s Britain. It is Sunday. The day has dragged on for about forty hours already. Sunday dinner has been eaten, washed-up, and the vegetables have been put on to boil so they will be ready for next Sunday. The crushing boredom was nearly enough to make one consider doing one's homework. Nearly.

Fortunately, it is now 10pm and time for the weekend's swan song.